Sea freight with the SCT – rely on experienced hands

Sea freight hast two decisive advantages: In comparison to air freight, it is not only cost-effective, it also enables the transport of bulky and special goods.

In sea freight, ISO containers measuring 8 foot (2,4 meters) in width and either 20 foot (6,1 meters) or 40 foot (12,2 meters) in length. With a volume of 33 cubic meters, you can easily transport 21,7 tons.

We offer you various possibilities for overseas transportation: You can either transport full container loads (FCL) or less than container loads (LCL).

The term FCL describes the handling and shipment of a container which is only booked and used by a single person. FCL is gaining increasingly in importance in international merchandise trade.

In international merchandise trade, the abbreviations „TEU“ ( Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) and “FEU” (Forty-foot Equivalent Unit) are used to describe the load capacity of a 20 or a 40-foot container.

We offer several possibilities of maritime transport, such as house-to-house transports from the supplier to the recipient or house-to-pier transports from the supplier to the receiving port. We have specialised in the transportation of goods and can therefore ensure an excellent service. Rely on our experience, just lean back and enjoy the trip. As a member of a global network of approximately 250 forwarding agents in more than 100 countries, we can offer you competitive transport solutions for any type of goods and reasonable prices.

Pooling of transport goods is paying off

If your cargo doesn’t fill the entire container, it will share the space with other consignments. This is referred to as full than container load (FCL). You should choose a consolidated container if you would like to transport comparatively few resources.

In this case, consignments of multiple shippers are collected and transported together. Consolidated containers have become established in the last few years. The main reasons for this successful establishment can be seen on cost side. Those companies that are sharing a consolidated container are also sharing transport and transshipment costs and benefit from valuable synergy effects.

If you would like to transport your precious goods in a consolidated container, the SCT will guarantee you individual consultation, all-round care by an experienced team and first-class service. We plan your transport, stow your goods, assure you a smooth transport and draw up all required documents.

The SCT is your expert in the transport logistics sector, which is why we also are familiar with any customs procedure relating to the movement of goods. We make sure that your sea freight reaches its destination fast, reliably and without any detours.