Optimised flow of goods

The warehouse management deals with the flow of goods within a company. This can refer to all good movements or to the storage of goods in general. In the area of storage, we offer plenty of different possibilities and services. Maybe the stacking of boxes and pallets (block storage) is more suitable for your goods than a shelf warehouse and you didn’t even know? We will be happy to advise you with regard to storage techniques and other areas of warehouse logistics.

Furthermore, one important function of warehouse management is the monitoring of different various processes that shall be optimised. These processes relate to the procurement of products, material sales and the production flow. To fulfil your requirements comprehensively, we rely on modern transshipment and production techniques that ensure maximum efficiency. The SCT is your partner for a smooth flow of goods, individual solutions and an optimised warehouse management in Hamburg and beyond.

Adapt your warehouse to its functions and the nature of your goods

Warehouse management deals with the different tasks and functions relating to the storage and provision of goods and aims to ensure a smooth flow of goods. There are various function of a warehouse, which could have varying degrees of importance for the flow of goods of your company.

One evident function of every warehouse is the provision of goods. To ensure a current production, the materials that are needed and that will be processed until the next delivery must be stored in a warehouse. In the warehouse management, this function is described as provision function. However, in order to ensure a company’s ability to deliver, additional security is needed. It often proves to useful to hold ready a certain quantity of goods ready in the respective interim storage – to be prepared for supply bottlenecks or other obstacles. For economic reasons, it is desirable to accurately calculate the required quantity of good and the quantity of goods that should be stored additionally. We provide security and help you to ensure smooth production and the distribution of your products whilst keeping your storage costs to a minimum.

Depending of the nature of the business, a storage maybe has to be forearmed for further challenges. For example, the presentation function of the warehouse is of major importance for the retail trade, as the goods do not only need to be provisioned, but also have to be presented in an appropriate manner, whereas long-term storage and the finishing of certain goods (finishing function) is important for other companies, for example, for the production of luxury foods such as wine.

Our experienced logistics team helps you with the (new) conception of your storage, organises your goods, checks your stock and carries out a precise calculation of the quantity required and of the goods that should be stored additionally. In summary, we optimise your storage techniques and warehouse stocks, so you can store your goods efficiently, and ensure a smooth flow of goods. When planning and optimising your warehouse logistics, we attach great value on efficiency and the guarantee of your delivery capability.