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We help you to reach any desired location in the world.

The competent and highly motivated employees of the SCT forwarding agency help you to get your valuable asset to its destination, no matter where in the world. We will carry out all the tasks in the transport and logistics sector.

Through many years of experience, a constant need for modernisation and an everlasting striving for improvement, we guarantee you a well thought-out planning as well as a fast and efficient processing of your order. Our expert consultants full of enthusiasm and motivation will be happy to assist you in the planning and realization of your project with a high degree of flexibility and creativity

We are closer to the source. Our company is situated in the heart of Hamburg, one of the most important transport hubs and logistics sites in Europe. No matter whether you operate as a forwarding, commercial or industrial company, we optimize your transportation through a combination of individual creativity and necessary know-how. We guarantee you a smooth flow of information.






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Sea freight

The SCT is your expert in the field of sea freight and offers you several possible options. Freight transport by ship offers an ideal option of transportation for companies. The advantages of are obvious: Sea freight allows us to do something that is not possible on the air route – it allows us to transport large and bulky objects with a high mass-transport capacity. If your company is characterized by the selling of bulky goods, then air freight should be your first choice.

The SCT forwarding agency acts in accordance with your needs and provides you with several transport possibilities in the area of sea freight, inter alia, full container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (FCL) in a standard container. FCL means the shipment of fully loaded containers which is, in consequence of cost advantages in comparison to less container loads, the most economical solution. The maximum load of a 20-foot container is approx. 22.0 metric tons.

The complement to the FCL is the LCL. If a general cargo doesn’t fill the entire container, it will be merged with other goods. It is therefore a consolidated container with mixed cargo loads.

No matter which seaway you take, we will be glad to embark on your journey. We will support you in the planning and implementation of the transport you desire. Learn more about our services in the field of sea freight.

Truck transport

If you want to get your precious cargo to its destination in Germany or Europe quickly and safely, truck transport surely is the right solution for you. In view of the traffic performance, the truck is the undisputed number one. No other means of transport is as flexible as the truck and its performance is steadily improving. This represents a major advantage of truck transports. This flexibility is particularly guaranteed if you have a firm partner that takes over a company’s logistics. We can tailor all our services in the field of truck transport to your individual needs.

Another strength of the truck is a shorter delivery time and therefore a significant time saving. A modern software and an intelligent planning do not only save valuable time but also unnecessary costs. Here we do not have long waiting times or empty runs – we are distinguished by a steady commitment and we are always there for you and ready to support you. Here you can find out more about our services in the field of truck transportation.

Air freight

If you attach the greatest value to the speed of transport, set your sights high and really want to broaden your horizon, the airway represents the best choice. Shipped as air freight, your goods will be delivered extra fast. Moreover, air transportation is not influenced by natural events, which ensures independence and an on-going business. The accident rate in the air transport sector is extremely low. Airplanes remain by far the safest form of transport in the world and are thus ideally suited for a safe transport.

The SCT will be glad to accompany the flight. Get to know more about the transport by air freight.

Combined transport and rail transport

Why should you decide on a single mode of transport, if you can enjoy the benefits from all of them? Rail transport has been considered as the most important mode of transport for decades. Trains are not only carrying passengers, they also have obtained an important position in freight transport. Rail transport is environmentally friendly, very efficient and highly predictable. With dedication, extensive experience and modern IT technology we will get your goods safely to its destination in Germany or the European hinterland. Learn more about the services of the SCT in the area of combined transport.

Import and export

You’re planning to import your goods through the port of Hamburg or another European seaport and looking for a competent partner you can rely on? Please feel free to contact us. With a regular container transport that is characterized by a high departure frequency and timetable reliability on all international routes, we are the right partner for you. Get to know more about imports and exports by the SCT.

Warehouse management

Warehouse management presupposes expertise, a good overview and the right technology. This section of logistics turns out to be extremely complex and contains special requirements. Whether it’s a question of transshipment or the storage of homogeneous goods or if you are looking for a transport logistics expert that know something about the individual treatment of products and goods, the SCT is by your side and assists you in all matters. Warehouse management includes all tasks that accrue in the field of transport logistics. And the SCT will take care of all these tasks.  Here, you can learn more about our support in transport logistics.

Furniture logistics

Good furniture logistics is characterized by speed, reliability and a rapid delivery. Long waiting times are just as unpleasant as deadlines that are not kept. The SCT takes a different course and focuses on absolute reliability from the start. Our furniture logistics draw on experience from which you can profit. We build on short process times and a lean distribution structure. This facilitates an excellent coordination and consultation. In furniture logistics, a smooth operation of transports is particularly important to us, which is why we will do everything necessary to make it all happen. Here, you will get to know more about our furniture logistics and how we can manage this.

Project shipment

A good project shipment requires a wealth of experience. In this case you can count on us. Project shipment is an integral part of our service spectrum. As a transport company, we are familiar with those special challenges of project shipment, and this is why we built on customized solutions in the heavy cargo logistics sector that are tailored to those specific requirements. Learn more about how we can support you in your project shipment.

Cross trades

Cross trades are international transports, in which the country of dispatch and the country of destination differ from the country of the sender or forwarder. We are familiar with country-specific regulations and know how to remotely organize a smooth transportation of goods. The SCT will broaden your horizon and take you beyond your limits. Here, you will learn how we support you in your cross trades.

Customs clearance

Many importers will note that customs clearance does not always happen smoothly and cheaply. If a customs declaration is found to be invalid, this brings with it high fines, subsequent payments, a detailed examination of the respective business or a loss of reputation.

Don’t worry! Jump aboard the SCT. We are well known for our expertise in the field of import and export and have a large team of experienced documentalists and customs specialists, devoted exclusively to the facilitation of a fast and simply clearance of goods. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time importer and wish for a professional advice or a regular importer and wish to optimize customs processes, our trained team helps you to meet all the requirements for customs clearance regardless of their nature, scope and complexity. We offer professional customs clearance that you can get to know here.

SCT – your forwarding agency in Hamburg

The SCT forwarding agency has a lot of experience in the field of freight transportation. We offer transports by sea, truck, air and rail, combined transport, cross trades, warehouse management, reliable furniture logistics as well as a professional customs clearance. For more than 25 years we have been dedicated ourselves to the transport and logistics sector. We know and have what it takes to get your valuable asset to its destination quickly and safely and offer intelligent and efficient transport solutions.

The SCT is located in the heart of Hamburg, in the so-called HafenCity, which you might translate as “PortCity” – a very suitable name. The SCT is directly situated on the Elbe river, which runs into the North Sea and the starting point for overseas transports to Europe and the entire world. The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is considered as one of the most important transport hubs.

The port of Hamburg is of high importance for freight transportation in Germany as well as international transports. 12 percent of the national rail freight transport come from or go to the port of Hamburg. The Port of Hamburg Magazine reported that 200 freight trains are reaching or leaving the port every single working day. In this way, bulk goods, containers and other cargo is transported (source: Port of Hamburg Magazine).

In 2018, seaborne transport of goods was 135,1 million tons, is stable on a high level and will remain one of the most important container ports in future as well (source: Port of Hamburg). Its water-side and onshore connection and its excellent accessibility make Hamburg the ideal location für the services of the SCT forwarding agency.