Truck transport

Truck transport in Germany and Europe – the flexible and economical choice of the transportation of goods

Truck transport is the most commonly used method of freight transport. In Germany, truck transportation has proven suitable in freight transport since it makes it possible to transport both large and small goods efficiently and fast. Regardless of whether you choose to feed a full truck load (FTL) or less than a truck load (LTL) into our network, with an efficient land networks we ensure you a smooth transport with fixed delivery times throughout the whole of Germany.

On the roads of Germany

The traffic performance of trucks has grown steadily in recent years. One of the main advantages, that are used by many transport companies, is their flexibility. This is particularly the case when you have a firm partner that organizes the logistic. Put your trust in the SCT when you plan transports within Germany or Europe. At SCT you can count on a network of experienced and reliable carriers.

Intelligent planning approaches

To be able to use truck transports in Germany optimally, we work to intelligent planning approaches that allow us to use our capacities as efficiently and safe as possible. Therefore, you will save unnecessary costs and can be sure that your consignment will reach its destination as quickly as possible. You benefit from our Know-how with every transport. We make continuous efforts to optimize the flow of goods of our customers. Thereby, we or course seek to ensure the best coordination and an ideal process combination, which allows us to prevent costly empty runs and to reduce long waiting times. These efforts are paying off and lead to optimal results in the area of truck transportation in Germany.