Air freight

Benefit from the advantages of air transport and our wealth of experience in the air freight sector

Over the last 40 years, no other mode of transport than the airplane has gained in importance and no other type of transport than the air transport has recorded such a significant expansion. Air freight offers decisive advantages for every company. They impress with and short transportation times on short-, medium- and long-haul flights and a quick delivery. Every other mode of transport involves increased time requirements.

Moreover, air freight is considered to be especially safe. Short transport times minimize the hazard potential and eliminate all possible risk factors. In addition, the airplane is rarely impaired by weather or environmental influences. In sum, a decisive advantage of air freight is its reliability.

Did you know that only one out of 3.1 million airplanes is involved in an accident, while there are 55.8 million cars here in Germany alone, out of which 305.659 are involved in accidents involving personal injury? (source: German Federal Statistical Office)

Here, you will be forwarded to the statistics of the international air transport association (IATA) about air safety.

World economy promotes air freight

The continued positive development of the air freight is supported by the world economy. This enables an optimised division. Furthermore, the number of quality goods has increased significantly as they determine foreign trade. As a competent air freight forwarding company, the SCT will plan, organize and realize your transport. We guarantee you first-class service and optimal consultation. Just lean back and enjoy your flight!